Enjoy the OSFUG Sketch Pilot! It is an enjoyably disorienting 28 minute journey that seamlessly weaves sketches into one another to create a full world. Grab a seat and a bucket of gummy worms and relax as we take you down a hilarious path that will have you laughing until your sides split in 2!

Written by & Starring: Becky Chicoine, Dan Kenkel, Colin O'Brien, Sam Reece, Ian Stroud, Mark Vigeant & Michael Wolf
Directed by: Felipe Dieppa
Director of Photography: Edmond Hawkins
Edited by: Veronica Rutledge
Color Correction: Chelsea Lupkin
Sound: Mike Dwyer
Production Assistants: Joe Binacci & Jessica Combs
Background Talent: Grace Epstein, Ruby Hannan, & Terrence O'Brien

All music used within the Creative Commons by 2.0
Courtesy of: Bensound.com, Incompetch.com, musopen.org, & the YouTube Open Library

Theme Song: BIG HUGE
Additional music provided by: Nick Cortezi AKA Marinara

Special thanks:
Lenox Coffee
Housing Works Bookstore
Our anonymous friend who got fired for letting us film in that mansion
David Ebert
The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre